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A major part of our core business is repairing, replacing and restoring window sills, lintels and copings. Sills are crucial parts of your house since they shed water that runs down toward the windows directly to the ground, preventing it from going down the wall onto the brickwork. Since these window sills are high saturation areas, it’s important to have them well sealed and constructed with the proper materials with as few joints as possible.

We use several products on window sills. Arriscraft sills are impermeable man-made stone slabs with a pre-cut drip edge, and are available in various thicknesses that can accommodate a variety of window sizes. Indiana limestone, a popular and very long-lasting material, comes in lengths of up to 10 feet long, so a single piece can create a sill on almost any window. We also install custom-formed silica concrete window sills, with a variety of other finishes to match original sills on the house.

Arches and lintels are structural supports above a window, doorway or opening. Over time they can crack or shift, destabilizing the wall above, so special skills are required to repair or replace them. We always install a metal angle iron to support the opening properly, and have a variety of options like brick, stone, and Arriscraft for arches and lintels.

Our services include:


Window sill replacement and repair


Arch repair and restoration


Lintel replacement and re-laying

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Laurent BerthiaumeLaurent Berthiaume
18:42 14 May 24
May 2024, I had Stonehenge Masonry replace two bricked window sills that had broken, cracked and split bricks with Indiana limestone sills. These came in 8 foot lenghts that were cut to fit in perfectly. My experience with this company's workers that I dealt with from start to finish were A+. They were professional, courteous, explained the work to be done and left a clean work site when they were done. Neighbours even expressed how nice the front of the house now looked.
Scott JessupScott Jessup
13:25 12 Apr 24
We have worked together a few times now. Wonderful company to deal with. Dan is honest and on top of his work. Thanks again.
Cathy TherrienCathy Therrien
20:29 11 Apr 24
On April 9, 2024 Stonehenge came to replace our broken brick window sills. The team were extremely professional and meticulous. We can’t thank you enough. Great job!
Danny NevilleDanny Neville
20:28 18 Oct 23
Excellent company. They provided great advice and worked hard to complete the job on time. They worked on our stone foundation, both inside and outside, and we are very pleased with the result. Highly recommended.
S. Maria BrandtS. Maria Brandt
20:50 17 Oct 23
Great Communication, Transparent estimate and billing process, Timely execution, Attention to detail and friendly crew that enjoyed their work singing while doing it. We are very pleased with repointing of our brick work, installation of new windowsills, replacement of caulking and insertion of weep hole guards - highly recommend.

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We require a minimum of 25% deposit to secure your position in our schedule.

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Of course! All jobs come fully guaranteed unless otherwise specified. Typically we offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty on most jobs and some are guaranteed for life.

Yes. We carry WSIB insurance for all our employees and 3rd party liability insurance to protect our customers.

Absolutely not. All of our masons, apprentices and labourers are 100% full time employees with the company and are paid by the hour.

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Stonehenge Masonry, locally owned and operated since 2006, is one of the premier masonry companies in Ottawa. We specialize in the repair and restoration of virtually any type of brick and stonework. We excel at Natural Stone, Brickwork and Repointing, Chimneys, Foundations, Patios, and Stairs. No job is too small!



Warranties - Relax up to 25 Years

Stonehenge Masonry already had some of the best warranties in the industry, and we have just made them even better! We now offer guarantees of up to 25 years that will ensure peace of mind for years. Guarantees are only as good as the company that provides them, and we fully back up our word, and our work. Learn more about all of our warranties.

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