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The most important part of your house is the foundation, and we give it the serious attention it deserves. Stonehenge Masonry offers a LIFETIME warranty on full foundation restorations. We work on all foundation types, including concrete foundations but with special talent at restoring old stone foundations. A stone foundation is designed to last forever with proper maintenance, needing only a full restoration every 100 years or so. 

Foundations are made of two walls, or “wythes,” of stone, each with a finished face facing outside and inside respectively. Between the 2 wythes is a core filled with grout. Generally, the outside of the foundation is the most important aspect to maintain, since it acts as the main barrier against water penetration and it supports the exterior brickwork. The interior walls are generally of lower quality rubble stone since they are not being battered by the elements, but restoring them can be key to solving water infiltration and moisture issues.

The most common foundation job is exterior repointing. We cut and vacuum all existing joints, re-lay any loose stones, and replace damaged stones, as required. We give the entire wall a deep pointing to completely fill the voids, and we will then apply a final pointing with the original finish.

Our foundations services include:




Stone resetting and re-laying


Back pointing and grouting


Stone repair and replacement


Concrete repair and parging

Foundation Work Videos...

Time Lapse: See Foundation From Start To Finish

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suzanne nusseysuzanne nussey
21:29 14 Sep 23
We used Stonehenge to repoint some of the brickwork on our 1940s bungalow in Old Ottawa East, and Shawna did an excellent job. She matched the masonry beautifully, which is really difficult on these older homes. A real bonus was the excellent cleanup she did after finishing the job. We highly recommend Stonehenge and would not hesitate to use them again.
Nadine CharestNadine Charest
13:57 12 Sep 23
We had a great experience with Stonehenge Masonry from start to finish. They were responsive, friendly, and professional. Their team maintained a clean and safe worksite and were a pleasure to deal with. We are very pleased with the repairs that they made to our chimney, brickwork over our garage and door threshold for our front step.
Nicolas BialikNicolas Bialik
17:52 31 Aug 23
April 2023, Brick Bungalow in Alta Vista area. Stonehenge removed our existing concrete chimney cap and the top row of deteriorating bricks, and replaced with matching bricks, new cap and custom metal liner. Cost was reasonable and work was great. Haven’t had to worry about it since. Before and after pictures attached.
Wayne MullettWayne Mullett
17:27 02 Aug 23
We are delighted with the recent stone wall restoration work completed by Stonehenge. This is the second project they have completed for us at our heritage home. Particularly great work and help from Lee, Kirscha and Matt in seeing this project to completion and to our complete satisfaction.Wayne MullettOttawa
Wayne TierneyWayne Tierney
03:27 11 Jun 23
Exceptional work, exceptional Mason’s and just an amazing company.I was informed by a cold call company that my chimney was about to fall of the house. I Googled this company to reveal no internet presence or history. I then hit Google and found StoneHenge with many great reviews and reached out for a quote. The staff were amazing, the quote provided to me from my photos was bang on and an onsite visit from Matt clarified that. I even asked for a walk around the house to see if there was anything else that needed attention, and this is the point where I expected a long list of extras and to my surprise the honesty about what could be an issue in the late future was pointed out and I was told was not necessary at this time or for the next 10 years. This company knows what they are doing and are very honest. BTW, The chimney was NOT actually about to fall off, it just needed some attention.The arranged date was set, and I was surprised when they called to say they could come early IF this worked for me. It sure did!I had a visit from someone whom I had forgotten his name to drop off some bricks and told that Jeff and Ryland would be by shortly.These two were so efficient, they were 100 percent understanding of my 80-year-old Mother who has memory issues and were very patient and caring.They set up quickly with tarps to keep debris on my side taking into consideration my unruly neighbors who can and have been an issue in the past.If you need masonry work done, Stonehenge should be your go to! 100%Thanks to the everyone there who were very professional and pleasant to deal with.

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Absolutely not. All of our masons, apprentices and labourers are 100% full time employees with the company and are paid by the hour.

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Stonehenge Masonry, locally owned and operated since 2006, is one of the premier masonry companies in Ottawa. We specialize in the repair and restoration of virtually any type of brick and stonework. We excel at Natural Stone, Brickwork and Repointing, Chimneys, Foundations, Patios, and Stairs. No job is too small!



Warranties - Relax up to 25 Years

Stonehenge Masonry already had some of the best warranties in the industry, and we have just made them even better! We now offer guarantees of up to 25 years that will ensure peace of mind for years. Guarantees are only as good as the company that provides them, and we fully back up our word, and our work. Learn more about all of our warranties.

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