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The most important part of your house is the foundation, and we give it the serious attention it deserves. Stonehenge Masonry offers a LIFETIME warranty on full foundation restorations. We work on all foundation types, including concrete foundations but with special talent at restoring old stone foundations. A stone foundation is designed to last forever with proper maintenance, needing only a full restoration every 100 years or so. 

Foundations are made of two walls, or “wythes,” of stone, each with a finished face facing outside and inside respectively. Between the 2 wythes is a core filled with grout. Generally, the outside of the foundation is the most important aspect to maintain, since it acts as the main barrier against water penetration and it supports the exterior brickwork. The interior walls are generally of lower quality rubble stone since they are not being battered by the elements, but restoring them can be key to solving water infiltration and moisture issues.

The most common foundation job is exterior repointing. We cut and vacuum all existing joints, re-lay any loose stones, and replace damaged stones, as required. We give the entire wall a deep pointing to completely fill the voids, and we will then apply a final pointing with the original finish.

Our foundations services include:




Stone resetting and re-laying


Back pointing and grouting


Stone repair and replacement


Concrete repair and parging

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Time Lapse: See Foundation From Start To Finish

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Kathy CookKathy Cook
02:56 24 Apr 23
Wonderful job and good crew. My 110 year old house in Westboro had crumbling brick and many novice patch jobs over the years. Stonehenge rebuilt the bottom 2 feet of brick. It looks great and matches well with the old brick. Thank you Stonehenge! You exceeded my expectations and hopes.
Michael McIntyreMichael McIntyre
18:36 05 Dec 22
Stonehenge did a great job installing a stone mantelpiece for us. The installer took great care to do an A+ job, even going so far as to use a brand new drop sheet to keep the worksite clean. The end result looks really nice. We received prompt and courteous help from their office throughout the process. I recommend them without reservation 🙂
Jerry OttJerry Ott
16:42 03 Dec 22
A 5 star is warranted for Stonehenge. Our job was small however important. They were totally professional and prompt with their replies and with the service. Looking at the job after completion you can hardly tell anything had to be fixed in the first place. Most important is after they had left you couldn't even tell they had been there.Highly recommend.
Brian Le ConteBrian Le Conte
18:52 16 Nov 22
Another fine job by Stonehenge. They made a special effort to work our small project into this year's outdoor season and did an expert job of blending existing sandstone with new material obtained at Cohen and Cohen. Their work estimate was right on. Can't think of a better choice for natural stone work.
Julie DavisJulie Davis
22:59 15 Nov 22
Super professional and organized. Very easy to deal with, I was impressed with how quickly I got a quote (and the price was very reasonable). The office staff is nice and prompt with issuing receipts and booking work etc. The guy who did the work was professional and explained things to me clearly, and did an excellent job. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and I would absolutely return to them in the future.

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We strive to get you a professional estimator to visit your site within 1 week. If you submit photos via email or our website we can get you a written estimate more quickly.

We appreciate getting a minimum $250 deposit when the job is booked to maintain your place on our schedule. We ask for a 25% deposit if the job is larger and we need to secure materials for your project.

Of course! All jobs come fully guaranteed unless otherwise specified. Typically we offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty on most jobs and some are guaranteed for life.

Yes. We carry WSIB insurance for all our employees and 3rd party liability insurance to protect our customers.

Absolutely not. All of our masons, apprentices and labourers are 100% full time employees with the company and are paid by the hour.

About Us


Stonehenge Masonry, locally owned and operated since 2006, is one of the premier masonry companies in Ottawa. We specialize in the repair and restoration of virtually any type of brick and stonework. We excel at Natural Stone, Brickwork and Repointing, Chimneys, Foundations, Patios, and Stairs. No job is too small!



Warranties - Relax up to 25 Years

Stonehenge Masonry already had some of the best warranties in the industry, and we have just made them even better! We now offer guarantees of up to 25 years that will ensure peace of mind for years. Guarantees are only as good as the company that provides them, and we fully back up our word, and our work. Learn more about all of our warranties.

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