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Our Masons

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Dan Bloom
Dan Bloom owns Stonehenge and is also one of our top expert masons. He specializes in natural stone, brickwork and foundations. He has more than 10 years of experience in masonry, supplemented by loads of knowledge in carpentry, engineering, architecture and code requirements. Dan was trained at the Algonquin College Heritage Masonry course
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Julian Melo
Julian Melo is an expert stonemason with more than a decade of experience. For Julian, this isn’t his job, this is his profession and his life, so he pays minute attention to fine details on every job. His training started at the Heritage Masonry course of Algonquin College.
Ben Jensen
Ben Jensen has 10 years of experience as a mason. Because of his art background, he has a particular talent for mixing mortar colours and pigmenting bricks to match walls. When he’s not busy at Stonehenge, Ben is a local artist and married father of 3.
Shawna Allen
Shawna Allen is an expert mason with almost a decade of experience in heritage and restorative masonry. Her training started at Algonquin College in the Heritage Masonry program. Customers love her strong service background and Shawna is proud to be one of the few female masons in Ontario. 
Sean Murray
Sean Murray is tops when it comes to chimneys. He has more than 10 years’ experience building, repointing and capping chimneys. A thorough planner, his sites run smoothly, on time and, most important, safely.  
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall is one of our expert chimney and brickwork masons. His father was a mason, so Matt learned a lot around the dinner table. Matt, himself, has over 10 years of experience. He doesn’t just do masonry, he understands it inside out. Talk to him for a few minutes, and you’ll learn a thing or two, also!

All our expert staff masons are great, but if you want someone in particular just ask! 

Expert Masons. Every Job. Guaranteed!