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Winter Work

Final pointing. It will dry gray.Stonehenge Masonry gives great deals on interior jobs contracted during the winter. The winter is our low season so we slash our prices on all interior jobs from December-March. The most common type of interior masonry is  repointing interior stone foundation walls. Almost all houses built before the 1930’s have a natural stone foundation.  Since the lifespan on interior stone foundation repointing is usually about 50-100 years most of the houses built before the 1930’s are in need of foundation work. This seals the foundation against water, reduces crumbling and erosion and also to beautifies and enhances the natural stonework.

Dust Ejection System

One thing no one likes is dust and we create a lot of it when we doing interior foundation repointing. We always use a high powered dust ejection system to remove the airborne particulates. This means a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.









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