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Beautify Your Entrance!

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Your stairs announce how welcoming your home is, so keep them in good shape. Our services include stair construction and rehabilitation. We work on all forms of masonry including brick, stone and concrete. We’ll ensure your visitors are impressed!

Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.


  • Stone stairs
  • Stone repairs


Protect Your Masonry!

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Parging is a sacrificial coat of cement that is applied over masonry to protect it and to absorb the damage caused by the elements. Proper parging helps preserve the lifespan of important things like foundations, concrete, stairs and other areas.


  • Foundations
  • Concrete
  • Columns
  • Stairs
  • Resurfacing


Examples of our parging work:

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Natural Stone

Ottawa’s Stone Specialists

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Natural stone is one of the strongest and most beautiful products in the world. It comes in any size, shape, colour and texture – and our skilled masons can craft it at will. The whole earth is made of stone, making it fit naturally into almost any setting.

Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.


  • Stairs
  • Walls
  • Walkways
  • Chimneys


Solid Company, Solid Foundations!

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The most important part of your house is the foundation, and we treat it with the serious attention it deserves. We work on all foundation types, with special talent at fixing stone, site mix and concrete foundations.

Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.
  • Stone repointing and repair


Damaged Mortar?

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Repointing is the most common and important form of masonry repair. The mortar that holds all the masonry units (like brick, stone, or block)  together is designed to crack or erode before the units themselves. Repointing seals the joints to prevent water penetration, and protects the masonry units from damage.

The preparation of the mortar joints and the type of mortar used are the biggest factors for a long lasting repair.  We have a very thorough process to properly prepare mortar joints for pointing and always use the right mortar.


  • Brickwork
  • Stone
  • Foundations
  • Chimneys
  • Concrete block


Ugly Concrete?

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We do various forms of concrete work, from fixing old foundations to repairing small cracks or chips in stairs. Our special processes ensure our jobs stand the test of time.


  • Parging
  • Forming and pouring
  • Custom sills, lintels and copings
  • Crack repair
  • Resurfacing


Examples of our concrete work:

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Need an expert mason for Brickwork?

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Stonehenge Masonry has experts masons on staff. Our masons specialize in repair and restoration of older brick buildings. Brickwork that is properly maintained will last a lifetime or two, and with a 10-year warranty you can be assured our work will stand the test of time.
Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.


  • Brick replacement
  • Brick repointing
  • Brick chimneys
  • Mortar matching


Ottawa’s Chimney Experts!

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Stonehenge Masonry specializes in chimney work. We build, repair and deconstruct chimneys made of brick, stone. We always use properly constructed scaffolding to access our chimneys and have many special components allowing us to complete the jobs safely, and effectively.

Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.
  • Rebuilding
  • Repointing
  • Brick replacement
  • Deconstruction
  • New flues and caps

Custom window sills

Damaged Window Sills?

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One of our specialties is installing custom concrete, Arriscraft or natural stone window sills, lintels, and wall copings. We also fabricate unique custom concrete products to match your older home.

Expert masons. Every job. Guaranteed.


  • Fabricating and installing custom concrete products
  • Installing man-made stone slabs
  • Installing custom or stock stone sills and copings
  • Repairing or restoring existing units