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Repointing FAQ


Q. Do you cut out the old mortar from the joints?

A. Yes, the mortar is cut out a minimum of 2x the thickness of the joint. So usually about 1″ inch for brick and 2″ inches for stonework.

Q. How do you remove the mortar from the joints?

A. We have various tools ranging from hand chisels to grinders, rotary tools, and chippers. Each is used for different applications.

Q. How are the joints cleaned?

A. The joints cleaned by uniformly removing all damaged mortar, then vaccuming or brushing out loose debris, and washing the wall with a hose if possible.

Q. Do you use a grout bag or hand tools for repointing?

A. We always use hand tools, unless we are filling a deep cavity in a stone wall. Hand tools give far better compression and watertight seal.

Q.  Do you use pure Portland for stone foundations?

A. Never. Stone foundations need a softer more permeable mortar

Q. Can you match different colours of mortar?

A. Yes, we can get all the basic colours which are available (Red, black, yellow, brown and variations of each)