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Parging is a sacrificial coat of cement that is applied over masonry to protect it and to absorb the damage caused by the elements. Proper parging helps preserve the lifespan of important things like foundations, concrete, stairs and other areas.


  • Foundations
  • Concrete
  • Columns
  • Stairs
  • Resurfacing


Examples of our parging work:

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Parging FAQ

Q. What is parging?

A. Parging is a layer of mortar that is applied over foundations, concrete and other masonry units.  It create a sacrificial layer, protecting whats underneath (ie. a concrete foundation)

Q. How is parging applied?

A. It’s applied by hand with trowels and floats. Usually a basecoat is needed to repair any deeper holes and cavities and then a finish coat is applied.

Q. How is it finished?

A. Its sponge floated after application to create a “sand finish”. This removed the trowel marks and helps seal the wall.

Q. How long does it last?

A. Depends on the application. If a foundation that is being parged moves each year, the parging may only last 1-5 years. If it’s stable it could last 15-30 years. The amount of water hitting the parging also changes its lifespan, so grading and water run-offs are important factors.

Q. What colour is it? Can I get different colours?

A. 95% of all parging is a variation on grey. The exact shade of grey usually changes depending on the wall, the cement, and the drying time. Different pigments do exist to alter the colour, but unlike painting it’s very difficult to get a uniform colour over a whole wall surface.

Q. Will my new parging match my existing parging?

A. We always match the specific finish of the parging. The colour will likely not be the exact same, usually because older parging is dirty and polluted, but the new parging will change over time to blend more closely.


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Estimates FAQ

Q: How do you price your estimates?
A: Estimate prices are based on either square footage/number of units or by number of workers x number of days. Company costs such as trucks, gas, storage, insurance, advertising, offices etc. are added to the estimates as a fixed percentage.

Q. Can I get a better deal by getting more work done?
A. Yes. Square footage and per unit prices are lower with higher volumes. Doing 2 jobs at the same time (chimney and parging for example) will often lower the overall price.

Q. Who does your estimates?
A. All the estimates are done by one of our experienced estimators. The owner Dan Bloom, Matt Marshall and Shawna Allen handle the workload.

Q. How soon can I get an estimator to come by?
A. Usually between 1-5 days from when you call in depending on our call volume and the area.