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We have liability insurance to protect your property. Our Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage also protects the health and safety of our employees.

Each Stonehenge Masonry job comes with a standard five-year guarantee or more unless otherwise specified. This guarantee fully covers all defects in the workmanship and materials, but doesn’t include natural disasters or homeowner negligence.

Estimates FAQ

Q: How do you price your estimates?
A: Estimate prices are based on either square footage/number of units or by number of workers x number of days. Company costs such as trucks, gas, storage, insurance, advertising, offices etc. are added to the estimates as a fixed percentage.

Q. Can I get a better deal by getting more work done?
A. Yes. Square footage and per unit prices are lower with higher volumes. Doing 2 jobs at the same time (chimney and parging for example) will often lower the overall price.

Q. Who does your estimates?
A. We have one experienced estimator who does 90% of all our estimates. This allow us to focus on proper customer service and consistency.

Q. How soon can I get an estimator to come by?
A. Usually between 1-5 days from when you call in depending on our call volume and the area.

Payment FAQ

Q: Do I need to make a deposit?
A: No, but when the job is completed and the customer is satisfied we expect full payment.

Q: Will the price on the estimate be the exact cost of the job?
A: Almost always. However, in certain cases where the work is more than estimated, the price may rise by up to 10%.

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?
A: Cheque, cash or Interac e-transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Q: What if I schedule a job and then want to cancel?
A: Call us. You must notify us 5 business days in advance. If we do not get proper notice, and if we have ordered job-specific materials, we will charge for time needed to return materials and for any applicable re-stocking fees.

About the Work

Q: Do I have to provide anything for the job?
A: Yes. We need access to power and water on site.

Q: What if I don’t have water or power?
A: Water can be brought to site free of charge if we know in advance. If power is unavailable, we will charge to rent a generator.

Q: Do I need to be home?
A: No, but you should be home when we finish so you can inspect the work before we leave.

Q: Can you match all brick types?
A: We can get a good match for 80% of common brick types. Non-standard bricks are matched in priority of size, colour and pattern.

Q: Can you match my mortar colour?
A: We have a wide variety of mortar pigments to match most colours.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Of course! All jobs come with a standard 2-year guarantee unless otherwise specified

Q: How long is your season?
A: We work outdoors from early April until late November – masonry requires a certain minimum temperature. Indoor jobs are scheduled all year round, but especially in winter.

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